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"Get this man a shield," exclaimed King T'Challa aka the Black Panther in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer addressing Captain America. But the trailer did not unveil the first look of Steve Roger's new shield.

However, days before the release of Black Panther, Marvel Legends toyline has given fans the first look of the shield. According to the merchandise, Captain America's shield is no longer round in shape, doesn't feature any colours and has a solid Black Panther connection.

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Spoiler alert:

As seen in the trailer, the rumoured-to-be nomadic Captain America comes out of the shadow to find himself in Wakanda – the technologically advanced city featured in Black Panther. While it is still unknown how he reaches there, believes to have cracked down who made his new shield.

The site reports that the shield could have been made by Black Panther's sister Shuri. Black Panther trailers and promotions have already revealed that she is one of the most tech-savvy characters in the Marvel universe and no doubt, she could have made a kickass shield for the superhero.

Shuri actress Letitia Wright recently confirmed that she is indeed a part of Avengers: Infinity War. Talking to, she said, "It was surreal to just see certain characters that I'd been watching as an audience member for years and then be opposite them. I can't say who but it was amazing."

In the merchandise box, Cap is sporting the black suit further teasing his nomadic state in Infinity War. The Russo Brothers and Chris Evans himself have been fuelling the nomad theory on different occasions.

"Some people have suspected that he may be Nomad heading into Avengers 3, and I wouldn't say that he is exactly Nomad, but he is the spirit of that character," Joe Russo told the host of ESPN Radio's Fantasy Focus Football last month.

Evans too teased the Cap's new direction when he autographed a fan's merchandise as "nomad."

Though the toyline reveal is new, many are confused how they should feel about Cap's new shield. Here are a few reactions:

Apart from Captain America, the photos reveal Spider-Man, Iron Man and Proxima Midnight. Avengers: Infinity War releases on May 4.