Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth my have appeared as the oversized God of Thunder in Avengers: Endgame but in his off-screen life he is one of the Hollywood actors who maintains a healthy fitness regime.

His daily routine includes work out of his shoulders, biceps, torso, triceps as well as the lower part of his body. The actor who has played Thor in his individual franchise and in the Avenger's series owes to the fact that a lot of his work out was a part of the plan to appear like the comic book character.

Chris Hemsworth news

Thor the character needed to be strong, at the same time he should also be agile, who can kill you with a lighting strike (except his sister Hela).

Chris has been mainly involved in lifting and circuit-based cardio exercises.  

Chris Hemsworth news

"While very much revolving around weightlifting, with Thor my workout is sort of split in two parts. The first part is a classic bodybuilder-type workout, based around high-weight, low-rep moves designed to build size. The second part is functional training and CrossFit-inspired work, really to help with my movement and agility and to shift stubborn fat while maintaining muscle," Chris Hemsworth had explained earlier.

His routine includes performing six to eight reps on each exercise and continue it for around six minutes. He then rests for one minute only to repeat another two rounds.

His diet includes consumption of high protein six times a day. Sometimes when he goes for shoot and filming he ends up overfeeding himself on chicken breasts, fish, egg steak, vegetable, tuna, avocado, brown rice.

"It's basically six meals a day of clean proteins and vegetables, which can get repetitive, but it works time and time again," the actor said in a video.

On the work front, in 2018, Chris Hemsworth was spotted shooting with Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda for a Netflix thriller Dhaka. From the Marvel franchise, his stand-alone film Thor: Love and Thunder is expected to release in the year 2021.