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When the second Avengers movie was showcased earlier last year, there was a bit of scepticism regarding whether the movie would do justice to the first Avengers. While there will surely be mixed reactions, the movie has finally landed in the theatres across every major city on the planet.

Needless to say, like the first Avengers, the second one also sets a pedestal for the future movies in the series to shape up the way Marvel wants them to. But while the effects are far-reaching, what does the end signify? Does it set up a similar pedestal for future movies in the series? We take a closer look.


Ending in a Gist
After the Avengers take over the newly upgraded cyborg body created for Ultron, J.A.R.V.I.S.' consciousness is uploaded to it, following which Another A.I. called Vision is created. Ultron plans to wipe out the human race. And although Ultron was initially created to bring over world peace, it's technically warped mind decides that peace can only be attained if the destructive nature of the humans isn't there in the first place.

In order to execute its plans, Ultron picks up a big chunk of the Eastern European country Sokovia (Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's native) and flies high into the atmosphere with it. His plan is to bring it down crashing to the earth, similar to a meteorite. However, the Avengers are well aware of the situation, and with the help of Nick Fury in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and War Machine, take on Ultron and his forces.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Ending Simplified –

The Hulk Disappears
After rescuing Black Widow from Sokovia, Hulk takes control of the Quinjet and throws Ultron out. While Widow does try to make him turn around the ship, he negates all communication and flies off. Much later, Romanoff comes across a report of a potential plane in the Pacific Ocean, but remains impossible to find.

  • What it Means: There's some kind of (emotional?) tension that builds up between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff in the movie. However, Bruce's head is still messed up from the earlier events in South Africa where the Scarlet Witch made him indulge in a destructive battle with the Iron Man. But it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that Banner is able to control Hulk's personality in the end, making a conscious decision to vanish from the scene (you could tell by the smirk on Hulk's face). Chances are, not only is hulk well alive, he's also hiding out somewhere safe from any human contact.

The Death of Quick Silver
Ultron, still piloting the Quinjet, seeks out Hawkeye, who is saving a child in the meantime, and starts firing at him. But before the bullets can find their way to Hawkeye, Quicksilver intervenes and steps in the path of the bullets to sacrifice his life for a fellow Avenger. Scarlet Witch is obviously angry with her brother's death and she seeks out Ultron, mocks him and rips out his heart.

  • What it Means: Quicksilver's death may not be that surprising a turn of events in the movie, as he seemed the only feasible one to die at the end (no new Avenger movie for him). The most important thing here is that although a good level of human drama is attached to the scene, Scarlet Witch keeps her composure and deals with Ultron the only way possible. She later joins the new Avenger's team, setting a way for her to appear in the next movie in the series. More conflict on the cards, then?

Hawkeye has a Home... And a Wife
Midway down the movie, there's a sort of twist that reveals Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton actually has a wife. He also has kids, all of whom are hidden even from the Avengers (only Black Widow knows the truth). So at the end of the movie, Hawkeye returns to his family in the countryside, instead of heading over to the new Avenger's facility, and plans on living a peaceful life.

  • What it Means: It's about time some kind of closure was offered to the Hawkeye character in the movie. Going by the first Avengers movie, not much was said or shown about Hawkeye. The second movie, however, offers a more human side to his story, and although he's on the verge of death, Hawkeye lives and chalks out a happy ending for himself. That said, he should jump right into the thick of things in the upcoming "Captain America: Civil War".

Vision Deals With Ultron
Even though Scarlet Witch rips out Ultron's heart, it's vision who deals the last nails on Ultron's coffin. And though Ultron created Vision in his own image, the latter understands the true intentions of the former and finishes him off with his laser.

  • What it Means: Ultron created Vision to turn against the Avengers, but Vision has a far deeper understanding of things than his maker. Both of them discuss humanity, where Ultron deems the humans as the only plague infecting the earth, while Vision begs to differ. However, both come to an understanding that the end of the humans is inevitable in the future, although Vision isn't planning to finish off everybody. The scene is an eye-opener on how both of them perceive the world, and although Vision doesn't wish to kill, he can relate to the end of humans via the Infinity Stone in his head. This is a sort of hint at the events that will unfold in Avengers: Infinity War.

Tony Stark Hangs Up his Boots
Among the Avengers, it isn't only Hawkeye who dreams of a happy ending for himself, Iron Man Tony Stark also plans on a sort of VRS from the entire saving the planet deal (for now) and settle down peacefully with Pepper.

  • What it Means: Stark has always thought about settling down with Pepper, leaving behind his suits of armours, and that was quite evident from the ending of Iron Man 3. But it can't be denied that this seems like a good choice for an Avengers character to wind up, after being in the thick of things since the first Iron Man movie. What's more, even though he and Captain America part ways in good terms, fallout between both is on the cards, thanks to "Captain America: Civil War".

Thor is Researching the Infinity Stone
It only takes midway in the movie for Thor to find out what's the deal with the Infinity Stones. He learns that as many as four of them have already been uncovered, and after Ultron is defeated, he takes the Infinity Stones back to Asgard to find out more about them.

  • What it Means: Thor, as it seems, is the only one who is the most concerned about the Infinity Stones, effectively steering the storyline forward. But when he flies off to Asgard with the Stones, it somehow sparks the storyline that's set for the upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok". Throughout the move, Thor has visions that unfurl the destruction and loss of Asgard, and maybe the most apocalyptic event in the Norse mythology is down to the possession of the Infinity Stones. We shall see.

Captain America Exorcises Past Demons
Age of Ultron also helps the Captain shake off all things unnecessary and look up to a life that sees him as the leader of the new Avengers.

  • What it Means: Prior to this, the Cap had a vision, thanks to the Scarlet Witch, that sees him in a party with Peggy after the war. This was a sort of chance for the Captain to leave behind everything and settle down peacefully. Instead, he shrugs off all the connections of his past life and focuses on the new life as a leader. Nonetheless, that leadership will come into question as soon as Civil War arrives... along with Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes.

Thanos Has the Infinity Gauntlet (Mid-Credits)
Midway down the end credits, the scene shifts to Thanos, the mad Titan we saw back in the first Avengers, and even Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos moves into Odin's vault and gets his hand on the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • What it Means: Thanos is nicely set to be the big bad guy in the upcoming "Avengers: Infinity Wars". For that movie to happen, Thanos will successfully collect all the six Infinity Stones to gain power in the universe. We have come across this situation time and again in the comics, but this was where the groundwork was set for Thanos to bring death and despair to all those who oppose him. There's even a chance that Thanos appears as the sole responsible one in creating the Ragnarok in the upcoming Thor movie, and even a Thor-Loki coalition to take care of the evil.

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