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Universal's "Furious 7" opened to huge ratings at the box office and it is on number one position at the US movie charts even after a week. 

But with Marvel set to release the much awaited "Avengers: Age of Ultron" on 1 May in the US, box office experts are predicting that the superhero movie may break the racing franchise's records.

According to Rentrak, "Furious 7" has already crossed the $1 billion mark internationally on Sunday and has garnered an astonishing $323 million in 15 days, to become the highest-grossing film in history in China.

The media experts also added that with so many movies releasing worldwide, the movie market is "on fire". So it will not be a surprise if "Avengers 2" breaks the record of "Furious 7" in the US.

The movie produced under Disney banner has already $201.2 million, which is two times more than "Furious 7" in the international market, but the racing thriller as of now maintains a top spot in the US charts with $18.3M.

Fox Studio's novel inspired "Longest Ride", is now on the seventh position with $4.4M and Disney's Cinderella has seemed to have dropped to number 12 garnering only $2.9M.

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