"Avatar" fans have been waiting for almost six years now. The much-awaited sequel to this futuristic sci-fi epic has been under production since 2014. While all these years, fans had no clue as to what was the reason behind the delay. Now, director James Cameron has revealed what's taking so long to complete "Avatar 2".

"Avatar 2" is being shot in New Zealand and it was reported earlier that the film's production and release was delayed due to lack of technology. When the release dates of "Avatar 2" and "Avatar 3" were announced, Cameron had revealed that new creatures and sceneries will be featured in Pandora in the upcoming sequel.

It was also reported that the director may showcase the water ecosystem of Pandora and he may be required to shoot various underwater scenes for the same. Cameron says the reason behind the delay is that the technology required to implement his innovative ideas is yet to develop, reports Clapway.

According to the website, though the director hasn't revealed much about how the new technology will add to in "Avatar 2", he has apparently shared a few details. The director has said that the new technology will help him motion-capture underwater scenes with ease.

Not just this, he also thinks that the updated motion-capture technology will help show enhanced facial expressions. And a new lighting system will light up the frame featuring Pandora's jungle in a better way.

Now, we will have to wait and watch how James Cameron's dreams turn into reality with the new technology in the 20th Century Fox upcoming film "Avatar 2", which is set to be released in December 2017.