Avatar worldwide touring exhibition
Avatar worldwide touring exhibition begins in 2016Facebook/ Avatar

"Avatar" might be a movie from the past and its sequels may not be out for a while ahead in the future, but director James Cameron does not want you to forget about the sci-fi franchise. Pandora and its natives are soon going to set up exhibitions in several cities around the world.

Beginning the fall of 2016, approximately a year ahead of the release of the three proposed sequels, an interactive exhibition will be held around the world, according to official announcement.

The exhibition, "inspired by the amazing creatures and environments of the world of Pandora" is a product of the partnership between Global Experience Specialists and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products.

The announcement further promised that the exhibition would provide a comparative wonderment about the difference between the ways of our world and Pandora. "A unique look at the complexity of indigenous peoples and cultures through the lens of the Na'vi, Pandora's native inhabitants, will be a key component of the exhibition," reads the announcement.

As of now, it is not known which cities the Pandoreans will tour. However, the exhibition is promised to be an "immersive, interactive display" that put the alien world of Pandora "in the context of science here on Earth."

Meanwhile, the people at Disney's Animal Kingdom are also planning to create habitat for the Pandoreans. In February, Disney Parks announced that they have been "dreaming up ways to bring to life the land's iconic elements from the magnificent floating mountains to the interactive bio-luminescent forest, and even to the soaring banshees."