"Avatar 2" is undoubtedly one of the highly-anticipated sequels of one of the most popular futuristic sci-fi epics. The film has been under production since 2014 and fans have been wondering what's causing the delay. Everyone's keen to know what the plot will focus on.

In various interviews, director James Cameron has explained the cause of delay saying that he was not well-equipped with the graphic and technical tools required to implement his innovative ideas. Cameron had revealed that his team is focused on creating graphics for the ocean ecosystem of Pandora to film the "oceanographic exploration" similar to the one shown in "Titanic" and "The Abyss".

"We're doing 'Avatar' films now, so we're making up an ocean ecosystem for Pandora. There isn't a direct map between the deep ocean exploration that I've done and the ocean stuff that we're doing in the 'Avatar' films," Cameron was quoted as saying.

"However, I'm going to continue in the future making documentaries and continuing explorations stuff as well because I'm always fascinated by that," he added.

Apart from this, there have been various reports that have also suggested that the film will be based on a prison theme and actress Zoe Saldana had also teased that "Avatar 2" will be very emotional.

Now, new reports have claimed that Neytiri and Jake Sully's fate will be revealed in the sequel. According to Parent Herald, Zoe Saldana's Neytiri and Sam Worthington's Jake Sully will become parents in "Avatar 2" and their children will be half-human and half-Na'vi.

If this is true, then fans will get to see all-new Neytiri as a mother and as a protector of tribe. With Jake and Neytiri's children debuting in "Avatar 2", plot will become more interesting because earlier there were reports that the two lovers will be forced to part ways and lead separate lives due to threats of the war. And now, with this whole family thing, plot dimensions may just flip.

Also, there's a huge buzz that Jake and Neytiri will be the next chieftain and priestess in the sequel.

Well, we will know if these rumours are true only when the 20th Century Fox's "Avatar 2" is released in December 2017.