"Avatar 2" fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of the much-anticipated sequel of their favourite sci-fi epic. And it looks like they now will have a big teaser with the brand new Avatar comic book series, hinted James Cameron.

The director, during the recently-concluded New York Comic Con held on 10 and 11 October, announced that the Avatar universe is all set to get new comic book series. Though he didn't say anything directly, he hinted that the book will give fans a sneak peek in the Pandora ecosystem and also give the movie a good build-up.

Talking about the content of the comic book, Cameron teased that it will shed more light on the mythology and history of the film franchise, reported Master Herald. And to take the plan forward, the director is partnering with Dark House Comics, which for the past 27 years, has been associated with James Cameron blockbusters such as "Alien" and "The Abyss."

But one thing that the director, producer and writer confirmed was that this series will definitely satisfy the curiosity of fans awaiting "Avatar 2." He said that until the release of the sequel, Dark House will bring the adventures from the Avatar universe, taking fans back in time, during and after the events of the original film.

According to the director, the comic book will go back to 2009, while Avatar 2, 3 and 4 will hit theatres only in 2017, '18 and '19, respectively.

The report also shared the excitement of the president and publisher of Dark Horse Comics on being associated with Cameron. Mike Richardson, reportedly said that he could not be "more excited about working with James Cameron and his team at Lightstorm to expand the breathtaking world of Pandora in the comic books".

Well, fans can now look forward to the Avatar comic book series before 20th Century Fox's "Avatar 2" is released in December 2017.

"Avatar 3" and "Avatar 4" are expected to be released in 2018 and 2019, respectively.