bmw and jaguar
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Two automobile giants BMW and Jaguar Land Rover are merging their technology wings to build a new generation of electric drive units (EDUs). The companies together will be developing components for the manufacturing of a well equipped electric beamed engine, transmissions, and power electronics.

The collaboration of engineers from both the companies will bring in advanced components by the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and expertise in electrification. The later stages of the fully-equipped automobile will be built in their respective warehouses in the UK and Germany.

The technological integration will lower down the cost of research and development and will help in the production of a large volume of the electric auto. Munich-based BMW with its I-series and Tata-owned Jaguar with its I-Pace had created electric vehicles that had brought a massive advancement in technology and was widely acclaimed by the public.

BMW I series
Representational Image: BMW I Series

Both the companies have collaborated to bring in better power and efficiency in their engines and transmissions. The prime companies have been putting forth the effort in the collaboration to create an Autonomous, Connected, Electric, Shared mobility (ACES), which is said to be the future of transportation looking at the growing environmental degradations by the extensive use of diesel and petrol in automobiles.

The revolution and technological insights

The cross-industry initiative will be helpful in bringing about a revolution in technology that can be renewable and eco-friendly. The companies are scaling their technologies to bring in a newer and better revolution in Automobile Engineering.

Looking into the new reforms by the countries based on emission rules, there have been specific choices in terms of grandeur and usability for the users. The success of the merger will help the consumers avail both the choices at a singular price.

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed that its engine manufacturing centre in Wolverhampton, which employs 1600 people, will be manufacturing the company's global production. It also has announced a battery assembly centre at Hams Hall in the UK.

The Bavarian motors have not yet confirmed about their manufacturing unit.