Surabhi Verma
Surabhi Verma

She is known for her 'multi-passionate entrepreneurial' mindset and a unique approach of 'succeeding with experimentation'. Surabhi Verma, journalist, and author of 'And She Quit Her Job' recently sat down for a chat with us about her journey and passions, just before her book completes a year in September 2019.

Now an expert in digital media and content strategy, Surabhi Verma quit her high-profile corporate job and decided to build her career the unconventional way, just when she was 25. "Creativity and restrictions cannot co-exist. One has to be free from dependencies to grow creatively. When I realized, that I have the next 30 years of my life ahead of me and that this could be life-changing, I set myself free, professionally. It has just been 3 years since I quit my corporate job and today I have complete creative autonomy on the work that I do. I have no boss, no fixed work hours and no cubicle. Instead, I have my team, a beautiful studio, and most importantly, I report to myself," Surabhi mentioned proudly.

On creating her brand, Surabhi Verma further explained, "An entrepreneurial mindset is not developed overnight. Sometimes it takes years to build something valuable. The most challenging part is to test what you create and figure out a system that sustains it. Digital media is changing forms every day. It does not matter what you do and what business you run, with the right amount of knowledge, you can utilize the power of digital media and grow exponentially. In simpler terms, you can generate an 'x' amount of money while you sleep! Under my new brand The Inception Media (PR, Publicity & Content) we will be expanding our services from public relations and content into online courses, sales funnels, coaching, seminars, workshops and much more in the future."

On her yearly plans and stress-free work schedule, Surabhi Verma mentioned, "My book has given me a lot of exposure. In the last year, I have been able to work with clients who are billionaires, CEO's, life coaches, athletes, and celebrities. The end goal is to create content in any form that inspires lives. To remain stress-free, I take inspiration from Gary Vee, Marie Forleo and Elizabeth Gilbert. Their work is empowering and it cancels any form of negativity!"

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