Parth Velani

Author Parth Velani has wowed readers and cricket enthusiasts with his most recent book, The Cricket Guide. Nearly every alley, every home, and a large portion of Indians play cricket. Thus, it is a book that will resonate with many people who deeply affectionate the game.

The book has gained popularity among cricket enthusiasts since it was published. After seeing the response so quickly, he is ecstatic. The author shares how his most recent book has been received, "The love that I see coming my way makes me happy. I love cricket, so it makes me happy to see so many people taking an interest in it. On WhatsApp, email, and my social media, I'm getting congrats and grateful notes. I am overcome with passion and joy to see that my efforts are paying off. I hope that as time passes, more people read the book and give their opinions."

When asked why he chose cricket as the book's main subject, he said, "We've always heard that India has two religions - Cinema and Cricket. For me, it was the latter. I have grown up playing cricket with people of all ages. I believe I've spent more time on the ground playing the game instead of on my bed watching TV. I know there are a lot of people like me. I know many want to understand the game better, in a deeper manner. I believe I understand and love the game passionately. Hence, I decided to make it the main subject. It will make people nostalgic, connected and remind them of good childhood days."

His enthusiasm for cricket and respect for players at all levels increased as he wrote his book. He wants to keep doing such work.