Australian Woman Survives Third-degree Burns, Unmasks Her New Face
Dana Vulin from Perth suffered third-degree burns covering 64% of her body by a woman who was jealous with Vulin's looksFacebook/ Dana Vulin

A 28-year-old Australian woman, who survived a horrible acid attack two years ago, unmasked herself to reveal her new look after recovery.

Dana Vulin from Perth suffered third-degree burns covering 64% of her body by another woman who was jealous with Vulin's looks, according to The Independent.

It is said that Natalie Dimitrovska, the attacker, barged into the victim's flat on 16 February 2012 and threw methylated spirit on her and set her on fire. Apparently, Dimitrovska was jealous of Vulin's beauty and had threatened her to "ruin her pretty little face."

Vulin survived the attack and revealed her reconstructed face to the public after two-and-a-half years by removing the mask she was asked to wear. She did a catwalk at the West Australian Ballet Centre while removing the mask and said that hopefully people would see "strength, power, confidence, self-respect, courage, determination. I hope they see through the scars and see Dana."

Along with the trauma of the attack, she also went through cancer during her recovery phase. Later on, she was operated within a month and surprisingly she recovered from it as well.

Presently, the inspiring woman was unrecognisable when she revealed her new face after thirty months of reconstructive surgery and more than thirty procedures, Mail Online reported.

She is determined to bring her body in shape and working hard on her rehabilitation.

"I'm going to make this burn my bitch, I'm going to kick it in the face and I am going to rock scars, look hot with my scarred-up body and just make this work," Vulin said.

"If I could turn back time and not be burnt or had the chance to not have my scars of course I would take it but if someone were to ask me how I feel about my body - I am damn proud of it."