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Australian television star and anti-bullying activist Charlotte Dawson was found dead in her Sydney apartment on Saturday morning. Police believe she might have committed suicide.

The 47-year-old was found by a security guard at about 11 a.m, reports said.

Dawson, who was a judge on "Australia's Next Top Model," has been open about her struggles with depression. The New Zealand-born star's family has issued a statement, saying that they have been "devastated" by the news.

"My sister Robin and I are devastated by Charlotte's tragic death. We will miss her dreadfully. She was a beautiful person, not only physically, she had a beautiful soul," Dawson's sister Vicky told 3News.

"She was kind, loving and generous and worked tirelessly for the causes she believed in. She fought for the underdog in many ways and won. But the most important battle, her struggle with depression, she couldn't win."

Dawson had attempted suicide in 2012, after she was targeted by social media trolls, who were irked by Dawson's involvement with anti-cyberbullying organization Community Brave.

"Hope this ends the misery," she had reportedly tweeted, alongside a picture of a handful of pills. "You win." she added.

Meanwhile, veteran actor Russell Crowe, who was a longtime friend of Dawson, was also shocked by the news. "Charley D...just don't understand," he wrote. "There's not enough kind souls as it is. Rest in Peace," he tweeted.

While Dawson left no notes behind to indicate why she decided to take her life, several reports hint at financial struggles.

Reportedly, Dawson's $1200-a-week apartment in Sydney was due to go to auction, and a friend of the television personality told the media that she had no regular income.