Audiosurf 2
Audiosurf 2 is available on Steam Early Access.steampowered

Audiosurf 2, a music game that can be customised to any chosen song, is now available on Steam Early Access with new modes and graphics.

The game is a successor to 2008's original Audiosurf by Dylan Fitterer which was a hit among indie games. He tweeted saying, "Audiosurf 2 early access now available on Steam!"

Players can choose any song, mod and skin. They have to avoid obstacles created by the beats in the song as they travel along the road.

The game's most noteworthy feature is that it allows players to add songs from their personal music library. The game also auto-generate levels based on the wavelengths of the files, CVG reported.

The developer said that he had added 2-button party mode, a 3-player puzzle mode, and a pink skin to the game.

Another highlight of the game is its new wakeboarding mode which uses the overall shape of the song as the main part of the gameplay. Players have to foresee changes that might come up in the song visually and "try to build up a big trick multiplier (full puzzle grid) just before jumping from a wavetop."

The game also has classic modes that will "evolve and twist in different directions." There is also the Audiosprint (party mode) which has two buttons and shows the best time to play with friends.

The developer also said that he is working on features like graphical music collection browser, gamepad support in menus, Mac, Linux, SteamOS support, translations from English, VR (Oculus Rift), more official modes and skins and scoreboard for every song.