Samarpita Saha
Samarpita Saha

Picking the right outfit remains one of the most challenging decisions for any woman. With an array of outfits in the wardrobe, nothing comes above ethnic and Indian wear. When we talk about ethnic wear, outfits like lehenga, saree, kurta, gown, Indian suit is what pops our mind. Think of these attires, and you will eventually want your ethnic outfits to be embroidered with lustrous embellishments and dramatic silhouettes. Among various luxury fashion brands, Label Samarpita Saha with its exquisite range of outfits has been making waves in the fashion market.

Founded by ace fashion designer Samarpita Saha, all the outfits designed by the label are distinct from one another. Emphasising more on Indian wear, the luxe fashion label has got some of the most graceful Indo-Western designs for its customers. Taking cues from the rich Indian heritage, the designs of Label Samarpita Saha are a reflection of India's timeless fashion pieces that are adorned by women of all age groups.

Having completed her education from the renowned fashion institute INIFD, Samarpita's creativity impressed many fashion designers from the industry. Executing and bringing the radiant fashion designs to life, Label Samarpita Saha gained recognition for its floral motif outfits. Keeping in mind the history and backdrop of Indian culture, the designers of Label Samarpita Saha have created the right fashion trends in the Indian market.

In other words, all the outfits of Label Samarpita Saha are luxurious and individualistic. The fashion label's Priroda Collection known for its exquisite designs have intricate detailing to the floral appliques. "We intend to create fashion designs that are unique and go in sync with any given occasion. That's the beauty of SS Label, that all of the designs have historic meaning with royalty written all over it", said the designer.

Besides the exclusive Priroda Collection, the Rajmahal Collection boasts of some sophisticated and regal fashion pieces for women. In a world of fashion trends, Label Samarpita Saha has made her name as a leading trendsetter among other brands.