Attack on Titan
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It has been more than three years since Season 1 of the popular anime series "Attack on Titan" concluded. However, fans haven't given up hope and are looking forward to get news regarding any development in the second series.

It seems that finally, the wishes of the fans have been granted as recent reports have stated that "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will return to small screen soon, according to Shingeki.

A Season 2 trailer was posted on the internet last year by a fan who claimed that he had recorded it during a screening of live-action "Attack on Titan" movie. Though the clip was not good in quality, it was an official one and not the fan-made footage that have been surfacing over the internet since Season 1 finished.

The trailer showcased the findings of Survey Corps squad leader Hange Zoe and other members of the militia. They discovered that the wall was actually built with a titan within it. When Pastor Nick heard of it, he told the soldiers to cover the titan so that he can't have access to the sunlight; the primary source of his powers.

However, Hange was furious that the pastor never told him about it even though he had the knowledge of the titan behind the wall for a long time. Hange looks scare in the trailer as he fears that there might be more titans within the wall, spreading across the cities where the wall expands.

There is a significant possibility that Season 2 will reveal the true identity of the titan inside the wall. The next instalment will also explore the mission of the militia members as they will realise that the true enemy is not on the other side of the wall but are inside of it.

"Attack on Titan" Season 2 will air in the spring of 2017, though the exact air date has not been confirmed yet.