The Fans of "Attack on Titan" who are eagerly waiting for any news regarding Season 2 of the anime series might have to wait much longer before the next season will reportedly be released in the second half of this year.

The creators are taking their time to begin the production work because they don't want to repeat the mistakes of the two "Attack on Titan" live-action movies and make sure that the second season receives as much praise from fans and critics as Season 1 of the anime did.

As reported by MNR Daily, the highly popular anime series will stick to the original content like the previous season. However, the manga counterpart consists of four story arcs and to start production on another season of "Attack on Titan," two more arcs will be needed.

The production of the second season will start as soon as the remaining arcs are finished and it might take a while before the fans get an official release date of the series. This might sound disappointing to the fans, but eventually they will be pleased with the outcomes.

The producers are determined not to disappoint the fans of "Attack on Titan" with another failed attempt like the two live-action movies. Hence, they are reportedly making sure to come out with another season that is as good as Season 1.

The movies lacked several elements for which the anime is known for and it deviated significantly from the original story. The movies were an entirely different version of "Attack on Titan" and fans criticised it vocally.

Though the release date of "Attack on Titan" Season 2 is not confirmed yet, fans can enjoy the latest game based on the anime series by Koei Tecmo that is scheduled to release this year.