Fans looking forward to the next season of the popular post-disaster world anime "Attack on Titan" will be disappointed to know that the production of Season 2 has reportedly been delayed further.

Initially, Season 2 of "Attack on Titan" was supposed to air in the second quarter of 2016. However, it seems the next season won't be released anytime before next year now.

As reported by Game N Guide, the second season will have a new air date and will be released sometime in January 2017. The major reason behind the delay has been the reported busy schedule of the anime's director, who is currently working on other projects.

According to the website, Tetsuro Araki is working on another anime series titled "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress." The producers of the anime series also said the manga counterpart doesn't have enough story arcs right now to be developed into the anime the story of the anime is heavily based on the manga.

Christian Times has reported that due to the dissimilarities between the manga and the anime, the producers are considering to work on an entire new plot for the anime series that would have very little to do with the manga.

Though there is no official confirmation on this as such, it seems if the producers decide to go with a new storyline, it won't be a sequel to Season 1 but rather a kind of reboot.

However, if the anime producers decide to go with the manga storyline, fans might get to see the "Clash of Titans" and "Uprising" story arcs in Season 2. For now, fans can only wish for the next season to be true to the manga because when another popular anime series, "Tokyo Ghoul," deviated from the original manga, it received a lot of negative feedback.