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The popular anime series "Attack on Titan" is all set to come out with its second season and contrary to the previous reports that stated that the anime episodes will be mostly based on the original manga chapters, Season 2 has been confirmed to have an entirely different storyline from the manga counterpart.

Recent reports have also stated that "Attack on Titan" Season 2 will have more horrifying Titans who are hiding inside or within the walls of the fortress. Much to the horror of the others, a Beast Titan will be found inside one of the walls. This Titan is a huge ape-like creature who has powers to kill his opponents brutally by using his most basic skills.

The Season 1 of "Attack on Titan" didn't explain much the origins and history of the Titans and where they came from. However, Season 2 will explore the past story of the Titans and how the survivors got confined within the walls of the fortress in order to protect them from the giant beasts.

The next season will also explore the story of the Reiss family and will tell the tale of Historia Reiss, daughter of Rod Riess, joining the Survey Corp. against her father's will. The upcoming episodes will explain the use of the "Coordinate" and how the Reiss family knows to use it for their own benefits.

Several speculations stated that Season 2 will draw heavy influence from the "Uprising Arc" and "Clash on Titans" story-lines from the manga. However, reports have state that the second season will have a unique plot and fans will undoubtedly be surprised to watch it.

Inquisitr has stated that Season 2 will neither be a sequel nor continuation of "Attack on Titan" Season 2, but will have have an entirely independent plot and will explore the story of the titans like never seen before, even by the devoted manga or anime fans.