The fans of highly popular anime series "Attack on Titan" might get to see new and previously-unseen Titans in the next season of the series.

Crossmap has reported that the next season of the series is rumoured to be aired in February. However, no official confirmation has been made by anime director Tetsuro Araki regarding the sequel.

Araki and "Attack on Titan" manga writer Hajime Isayama work together under the agreement to let the manga adaptation run for four arcs before the production of anime adaptation.

This deal ensures that the anime series won't overtake manga's story and hence, gives more possibilities of changes in the anime series.

Meanwhile, several spoilers have already surfaced online regarding season 2. One of them is about the return of the Armoured Titan and Colossal Titan under the disguise of Reiner Braun and Bertott Hoover.

Besides it, new Titans will also be featured that will include some from the manga version, while some created exclusively for the anime.

As the season will most likely be loosely based on the manga's storyline, there is a significant possibility that Eren Yeager will almost become titan food after Kevin Ackerman tries to eat him to gain the Corodinate's power.

Eren will manage to escape because they will discover that only The Reiss members can use the desired power.

However, Lever Ackerman won't be as lucky as Eren. Even though he was undoubtedly the strongest fighter in the previous season, his death is inevitable in season 2.

Young Health Mag has mentioned that Erwin Smith will end up losing one arm and most probably will quit the squad.

As the four story arcs are almost done, Araki is currently working on "Attack on Titan" season 2 that is rumoured to be released in Japan in February and in United States sometime later this year.