Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid
Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo's goal proved to be fruitless, as Real Madrid lost to Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres stood tall against Real Madrid scoring two goals past Los Blancos, which has ousted them from the Copa del Rey.

After Real Madrid lost the first leg of the Copa Del Rey 2-0, there were no ifs or buts for the team. as they had to win the game by three clear goals to throw Diego Simeone's team out of the competition.

But, Torres had some other plans. The former Liverpool striker could not have started the game any better, as he found the back of the net with his left boot just fifty seconds after kick-off. It was his first goal and the script for Torres' first goal since his return could not have been written any better.

With this goal, the task was too huge for Carlo Ancelotti's side, as they were now required to score four goals to win the match.

They tried their best to equalise as early as they could, but they had to wait till the 20miniute of the game where the Spanish defender, Sergio Ramos headed the ball to give them any chance of coming back into the game.

After the goal, Real Madrid began to attack more vehemently but still could not find anything before halftime.

The first half scoreline was not fair, if one just looked at the possession, where Ancelotti's side had 75 per cent and Simone's side has only 25 per cent.

But one has to mention that the Atletico defenders were very tight against Real Madrid's attack throughout the game, though they might have been defending a bit deep.

The second half started in the same way as the first with Torres once again scoring just thirty seconds into the second half.

The second goal silenced the Bernabeu to the hilt, as their fans could witness the club losing out as a contender for Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid did not take much time to equalise as Cristiano Ronaldo scored with his head in the 54th minute of the game.

Despite the goal and possessing an array of attacking players such as Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, they were aware of the impossible. They had to score thee more in the next 36 minutes of the game.

Though they had a major share of the ball, they failed to score further goals in the match. They came close, but were held by some world class defending by Diego Godin and other defenders.

The game might be remembered as an outers for Real Madrid from the competition, but more importantly it might be remembered for the return of the old Torres, who in his prime tormented defenders around the world.

One just got a few glimpses of Torres' past, but the player needs to maintain consistency to be known once again as one of the world's best strikers.