Tonight it will be football frenzy at the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata as Atletico de Kolkata take on the might of FC Goa in a crunch encounter of the Indian Super League (ISL) 2015. 

Honestly, fans in the City of Joy had not turned up in numbers at the stadum to support their team in previous home matches. But as now the defending champions are back in form and rhythm, they will flood the gates on Sunday evening at the stadium. On top of that, Atletico de Kolkata will play arch-rivals FC Goa.

There's hardly any difference between these two sides whenever they have taken on the might of each other. A game has always ended in a draw in their first five meetings since the inception of the ISL apart from the semi final where Atletico de Kolkata defeated FC Goa in penalties. This will be their sixth encounter, and fans can expect to rekindle one of the fierce rivalries of the ISL.

It will be Zico vs Habas, Hume vs Dudu, Arata vs Romeo and more! The fans just can't wait to see their favourite stars from either side playing the game their earlier generations have followed more than nobody in this country.  

FC Goa have been in sublime form in this ongoing season of the ISL, and have been riding high on confidence for quite some time now. They are almost like the invincibles in this league. The men in blue were outdone only twice. FC Goa are well known for their strong defence, and it will be exciting to see whether Atletico de Kolkata forwards are able to breach that line.

Meanwhile, Atletico de Kolkata have a golden opportunity ahead of them at this juncture in ISL 2015. They can reach the top of the points table if they edge past FC Goa in Sunday's match. A win against FC Goa will take them closer to sealing that berth in the semi final of the ISL 2015.

Fans in both regions will cheer their heart out. It will either be Kolkata or Goa or there might be no difference yet again! We don't know what will happen but these two sides will rekindle their rivalry once again in the Indian Super League!