Asus launches ZenWatch 2 series in India; Price, specifications
Asus launches ZenWatch 2 series in India; Price, specificationsAsus Press Kit

Asus has released a new Android Wear update to its flagship smartwatch ZenWatch 2.

The new firmware brings more gesture features, speaker support to make/take phone calls, low battery draining, performance tweaks and more.

ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q & WI502Q) owners will get automatic notification on the wristwatch when it is connected to the charger and is within the Bluetooth range of the companion phone with Internet connection on.

How to manually check for update:

1) Pair Asus ZenWatch 2 with a companion phone running Android 4.3 or iOS 8.2 or higher

2) On ASUS ZenWatch 2, swipe left on the watch face

3) Tap Settings > About > System updates

4) Follow the onscreen instructions to perform the update.

5) Keep the watch connected to the charger and also paired with the companion phone until the update is complete

Official change-log:

1) Speaker support: With support for built-in speakers in the ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q), users can now make phone calls when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, set audible alarms, and hear app notification alerts and sound effects.

2) Wrist gestures: the new update brings more gesture support. Users can now scroll through cards, open apps, return to the watch face, and more with simple and intuitive wrist gestures. To know more on how to navigate your watch with wrist gestures, check HERE.

3) Screen-dimming gesture: When inactive, the Asus smartwatch will automatically dim the brightness of the display to help reduce battery drain by an intuitive gesture. To activate, simply lower the wrist to remove from the usual viewing orientation after interacting with your ZenWatch 2.

4) Audio messages: The new Androud Wear update will enable Asus ZenWatch 2 to play video and audio messages through Glide or other apps that support these functions.