Asus Giving Up Android Wear In Future Smartwatches Concerning Battery Woes
Asus To Run A Different OS In Future Smartwatches to Boost Battery LifeReuters

Good camera smartphones tend to catch consumers' eye and it seems ASUS has found its niche. In a 10-second teaser video for its next-gen Zenfone, ASUS showed a glimpse of a smartphone along with a focus on the device's camera. The short video gave up more than just a few details like the smartphone's release and upgraded camera.

ASUS tagged the video under #CES2015 and #Zenfone, indicating the launch of ZenFone 2 at the grand electronics event next month. As per the video, the smartphone appears to have a dual-camera on the back, challenging the likes of HTC and Huawei. There is also an additional rear sensor at the back, like in the LG G3, mostly to adjust focus on the smartphone.

The video also showed Intel branding on the lower-rear side of the device, suggesting it will be powered by an Intel processor. When the video zooms into the device's camera, there is a sign of a dual LED flash just before a tag line appears saying, "see what others can't see."

A small blink of the smartphone shows the design of Zenfone 2, which is much in line with the current Zenfone series. Sadly, the dark background with the smartphone masked in darkness does not spill any further details, reserving most details for the big launch at the Las Vegas event.

ASUS originally launched the Zenfone series earlier this year in different screen sizes ranging from 4.5-inch to 6 inches. The company is known to price its handsets in a competitive range, challenging other smartphone vendors in the market. Besides the details shown in the video, there is little known about the new Zenfone. Luckily for us, there will be less wait time before more details emerge during the CES 2015 event Jan. 5.

ASUS is live streaming the event through its official website at 11 a.m.PT.