ASUS CrossBlade Ranger Motherboard for Gamers
ASUS ROG Crossblade Ranger motherboardASUS

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) on Tuesday announced Crossblade Ranger, the first Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) FM2+ motherboard, packed with exclusive ROG technologies and game-boosting features for an AMD-based gaming powerhouse that's beyond compare.

Crossblade Ranger's core benefits includes GameFirst III and LANGuard, SupremeFX 2014, KeyBot and the Auto Tuning technology to unleash the true power of AMD accelerated-processing units (APUs).

ROG has even reinvented the RJ45 socket, with LANGuard technology. Advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors improve throughput, while surge-protected and electrostatically-guarded components (ESD Guards) protect against lightning strikes and static-electricity discharges.

Crossblade Ranger is engineered with SupremeFX 2014, which features exclusive Sonic SenseAmp and Sonic SoundStage technologies. Sonic SenseAmp automatically detects analog-audio front-panel (AAFP) headphone impedance and adjusts the built-in amp accordingly, while Sonic SoundStage applies the best audio settings for popular game genres — just one click is all it takes to generate the perfect sound for first-person shooter (FPS), racing, combat and sports games.

Crossblade Ranger also includes KeyBot, a tool that lets users instantly 'upgrade' an existing keyboard simply by attaching it to the dedicated USB socket.

Once connected, the KeyBot microprocessor is activated and the user is able to use their current keyboard to control multimedia playback, launch favourite applications or assign macros to specific keys — just perfect for automating complicated in-game key sequences.

ROG's Auto Tuning technology enables Crossblade Ranger to unleash the true power of AMD APUs with just few clicks. Enabled by the TurboV Processing Unit (TPU), Auto Tuning adjusts the CPU frequencies and ratios to offer precise voltage control and advanced CPU-performance monitoring, efficiently enhancing system performance with the most stable overclocking profile.

The ASUS Crossblade Ranger will be available from November 2014 for ₹12,650. The motherboard will also come with a three-year warranty.