PR Handout

Only a handful of fashion designers use ancient Indian hand work with contemporary techniques to create something different in the couture industry.

Astha Narang, a young and dynamic fashion designer, is considered to be a driving force behind many newcomers in the fashion industry. Her classic designs and love for Indian designs have attracted several B-town celebs. Astha Narang is not only a name in the fashion Industry; she is a brand now.

Astha completed her graduation from Pearl Academy, and right from the beginning, Astha was aware of the happening trends and was always eager to create something new. She knows how to use fabric which makes her designs stunning and different from the others.

Many B-town celebs love the way Astha works and her collections, too. Everyone loves to flaunt Astha Narang collection in functions and award ceremonies. Recognition came to Astha at the 2013 Lakme fashion week where she came with striking designs and fabrics.

Focused on intent, Astha keeps things simple due to a clear mindset for an event and her new collection. Because of her clear mindset, she always comes up with inspiring designs and collections.

Astha never hesitates experimenting, which is a sign of a true designer who is always ready to be innovative in the market. Mind it, a real designer is the one who takes risks. Astha is that designer who sets trends in the market.

Astha is a designer who not only sets trends but also gives a classy brand to the market.

She prepares herself with sketches and designs the fabric accordingly. She always uses different silhouettes which suit the concepts and designs.

Before displaying on any occasion or runway, Astha does a photo shoot of her collection and then finalises what will look best for the occasion or beauty event.

Style changes from time to time! For instance, the 80's pants, which were seen on the streets, were again on the streets from 2000 to 2008. Astha believes some normal people on the streets have a good taste of design and fabrics which can surely help designers design accordingly. She believes trends are everywhere. One just need a good eye to spot it and keep the mind alert to bring something new and classy which looks beautiful.

Astha is not only making a name in the fashion industry but is also giving a platform to indigenous artisans to showcase their talent in the market. Astha is not limited to being only a good designer but also has exceptional leadership skills and leads her team successfully.