Asteroid (Representational Image)
Asteroid (Representational Image)Asteroid (Representational Ima

A 152-metre long asteroid will pass by Earth on Monday Night, according to reports.

Scientists have confirmed that the asteroid, which has been named 2003 DZ15, will zoom past Earth at a distance of 3.5 million kilometres from the planet. The size of the asteroid is very small compared to the one that made its passage in June.

Recently, a number of asteroids had a close shave with Earth but none had posed any threat as they all passed by millions of distance away from the planet. Scientists asserted that Asteroid 2003 DZ15 will fly by at a distance nine times longer than the Earth-Moon distance.

As reports emerged of Asteroid 2003 DZ15's passage, questions were raised if the movement of the asteroid could be tracked with the help of a telescope.

"Closest approach of 2003 DZ15 is set for 00:37 UT July 30th, or 8:37 PM EDT the evening of Monday, July 29th. Although it will only reach about +14th magnitude (based on an absolute magnitude of +22.2), and hence be out of range to all but the very largest Earthbound backyard telescopes, it'll be fun to watch as it slowly drifts across the starry background live on the internet," reported Universe Today.

In May, an asteroid called 1998 QE2, which is similar in size and strength to the Golden Gate Bridge asteroid that killed dinosaurs millions of years ago, passed by Earth at a distance 3.6 million miles, 15 times the distance between Earth and Moon. The asteroid, which had a moon of its moon, was 1.7 miles long but was not visible to the naked eye.

Stargazers hoping to observe the celestial event can watch it online at the The Virtual Telescope Project website on Monday night at 22:00 UT/6:00 PM EDT.