Assassin's Creed Syndicate
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Videogame developer Ubisoft will try forgetting the last Assassin's Creed title as soon as possible. Assassin's Creed: Unity was nothing short of a disaster, with innumerable glitches and related problems affecting players all year long. But with the upcoming release of Assassin's Creed Syndicate, will Ubisoft learn from its mistakes?

Assassin's Creed Syndicate, previously rumoured to arrive as Assassin's Creed: Victory, is set in London during the time of the Industrial Revolution, and takes the assassins-templar story forward. We already have the first-look gameplay trailer for the title up on YouTube, courtesy Ubisoft, and things are indeed looking bright.

The year is 1868, during the Industrial Revolution in London, and the world is just waking up to the possibility of transitioning to modern manufacturing processes (basically some time between 1820 and 1840). But this is also the time of great inequality when thugs and barons would only get richer, while peasants and the working class struggled just to survive.

This is where our new Assassin, Jacob Frye, makes his entry in order to end the all-around depression and level up the playing field. Frye is a member of an infamous (but not unjust) street gang that hopes to take over London.

Frye is joined by his equally-confident assassin sister Evie (will be a playable character in Syndicate) and heads out to get rid of high-end targets while helping his gang dominate several different territories throughout London. But this isn't before he faces a huge threat from mercenaries planning to take Frye down.

As it seems, Ubisoft isn't in the mood to re-do the mistakes it committed with AC: Unity. And going by whatever we have gathered from the initial first-look gameplay trailer for the title, the developer has introduced a number of new gameplay features, making both Jacob and Evie even more versatile than the previous assassins in the series.

For the new game, the overall combat system has received a major overhaul. The combat system in Syndicate is more intuitive, thanks to weapons like brass knuckles that can assist you in punching the living daylights out of your enemy. Plus both Jacob and Evie can force their enemies into premature submission with the help of a sort of submission chokehold.

Besides, there is no shortage of weapons in Syndicate. There's a new curved knife for easy and quick stabs, and will help you massively if stealth is your game and looking to sneak up on someone. There's also the conventional revolver that is easy to reload and shoot; it helps you in clearing out multiple targets.

That being said, you will also be able to pick up other weapons from fallen enemies in the course of the game.

As far as modes of transportation are concerned, you should find a number of carriages spread across the city (The Uber of the Victorian age). These carriages are horse-drawn and you can command the horses to go even faster, transforming them into full-blown vehicles of destruction. However, driving a carriage in the world may take some getting used to, although the controls seem comparatively simple.

Speaking about the in-game maps and Ubisoft's vision of the 19th century London, it seems like the developer has put in quite the shift, from whatever we have seen, thanks to the gameplay trailer. Aside that, Ubisoft has already promised that the open world map in Syndicate will be 30 times greater, compared to that of Unity.

So with a map as big as that, expect lots of side-missions as well as well-hidden treasure chests scattered across the world. Similar to the last AC title (and the one before that), expect to run into a number of historical figures including Victorians like Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens, among others. Ubisoft is yet to reveal anything on their roles so far.

You can pin your hope on Assassin's Creed Syndicate, especially after the charade that was Assassin's Creed: Unity. And as of now, all eyes are set on the upcoming E3 event where we are expecting more new details about the game. Hopefully, Ubisoft won't fail us this time around.