Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer displays a Nokia Lumia 920 in San Francisco.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer displays a Nokia Lumia 920 featuring Windows Phone 8 during an event in San Francisco, California October 29, 2012.Reuters

Windows Phone 8 users will soon experience Assassin's Creed Pirates gaming app on their handsets, according to the reports. Assassin's Creed Pirates has been already released on Android and iOS platforms.

The Android users can download the game from here for ₹379.10.
The iOS users can download the game from here for $4.99.

The news came through the Facebook by Assassin's Creed France team. In a response to a comment, the Assassin's Creed France team replied that the game would make its way to Windows Phone 8. However, the exact date of the launch has not yet been revealed, reports Nokia Power User.

The game includes amazing graphics and engages the user in naval battles spread across the Caribbean Sea. Users can also select weapons and fight enemies, completing the quests.

With the progress of the game, the users will also be able to upgrade their ships and add crew members, experiencing more than 50 story and side missions.

WhatsApp to Get Video Saving and Attaching Features

WhatsApp messenger's upcoming update for Windows Phone 8 is said to include the video saving and attaching features, making it easier for users to share videos.

The updated app is said to be currently under beta testing. However, there is no word as to when the update will start rolling out and the video size or length restrictions are also not known.

Additionally, the user will also be able to see all the videos sent to the person by simply tapping on the contact. The videos will be auto-saved on the phone's media library under Saved Pictures, according to Winbeta.

The update will also enable users to attach up to 10 images in one message.

Unofficial Twitch app Available on Windows Phone 8

Twitch is a popular live streaming video platform which focuses on video games. Now the Windows Phone 8 users can use a similar Twitch feature on their handsets through its unofficial app, Games TV.

The app includes features such as playing/recording live streams, support for multiple resolutions and bitrates, online chat, password protection and others.

The app can be downloaded from here for $2.49.