Assassin's Creed 4
Assassin's Creed 4 was released on Oct 29.Facebook/ Assassins Creed

Ubisoft has explained some of the next-generation features in a new trailer of its most anticipated and upcoming video game, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

Sylvain Trottier, associate producer of Black Flag explained that innovative technology was combined by Ubisoft to develop the realistic environment in the game, according to the post in the game's official website.

Sea Engine:

Trottier said that it is the combination of different technologies, working together to create a realistic ocean environment in the game. The studio made use of physics-based equations (Beaufort scale waves) for the realistic pattern of the sea waves. Shallow water shaders and a series of complex shaders were used to recreate the "multiple optical behaviour" providing rich colors to the ocean.

 Weather Engine:

In order to have a realistic and dynamic weather system, the studio made use of different technological innovations. The rain created in Black Flag is composed of thousands of rain particles that are independently lit.

The studio has used ripple shaders that make the ripples and puddles in the game and react to the intensity of the wind. The trailer also noted the use of Screen Space Reflection technology that mirrors the world on surfaces susceptible to reflect.

The fogs engulfing certain environments have been made by increasing the processing power of physically-based volumetric fog, which is computed in real-time and is lit by multiple light sources. These technologies when combined, allow players to witness a breathtaking and realistic weather system in the game.


Trottier said that the Global Illumination technology was rebuilt by the studio to allow "light to bounce on the scene and changes colour based on the properties of reflected materials." He also explained that this was possible with the power of modern GPUs, where the studio was able to bake thousands of light probes. The game's lighting is immersive, he added.


Black Flag's dynamic boarding system was made possible because of the use of "unique Dynamic Navmesh" that allows developers to build 3D map, which can be navigated by the players and NPCs, resulting in a "seamless and fluid gameplay experience." This technology which Trottier calls "genuine breakthrough" allows players to avoid collision issues and the action of seamless boarding into other ships.


The studio has also worked on creating more dynamic 3D plants for the Caribbean vegetation. Technology has allowed the studio to create thousands of plants that react accurately to the weather and the interaction of the player. This technology not only helps in immersive gameplay but also allows the protagonist to use it for his stealth gameplay.

The game is expected to hit North America Oct 29 for Wii U, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While PlayStation 4 will be out Nov 15, Xbox One it will be released on Nov 22. The PC version's release date has not been revealed, however it will be released in Q4 2013.

(YouTube Courtesy: AssassinsCreed)