Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag walkthrough videos, showing the start of the single player game, have sprung online flaunting cinematic scenes, a wide variety of swords, sea graphics, fights and other features.

Two videos on the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, courtesy of GamesHQ media, sum up to a total of 51 minutes of initial gameplay. The video might be a spoiler for some gamers.

The first walkthrough video, or perhaps the single player game, starts in the midst of a sea battle between ships displaying the game's sea storm graphics and sea attacking guides as the story progresses. The sea attack is followed by some cinematic scenes and gameplay resumes with the character coming back to the modern world.

In the modern world, the player is introduced to Abstergo, a studio working on a virtual feature. The modern world showed in the game flaunts technological developments which are years ahead from what is being used in the real world now.

The player is shown his system from where the story continues back in the animus.

The first walkthrough can be seen below:

[Video Courtesy: GamesHQMedia/Youtube]

The second walkthrough video goes on in a beautiful city of Havana where we see Edward performing several tasks, which include tracking objectives, eavesdropping for information and running over roofs chased by the enemy.

One can also see a number of sword varieties available in the arms shop. Some of the swords included are British cutlasses, Spanish cup-hilt rapiers, French dress swords and others. Smoke bombs can also be used in the game.

The animus keeps providing guides on how to perform certain tasks as the story goes by, eliminating the step of going back to controls and searching what keys to use to perform a particular task.

It has also been understood that in the AC 4, hiding places and distracting elements for the enemies are included in plenty.

The second walkthrough can be viewed below:

[Video Courtesy: GamesHQMedia/ Youtube]

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will release for current-gen consoles (Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360) on 29 October and for next gen (PS4 and Xbox One), PC and Wii U on 22 November worldwide.