Interest about Isis has reportedly increased in Assam as people have been searching more about the Islamic terror outfit on the Internet.

"The number of people searching about Isis activities in Internet in the State is high and from the data, which police has, it is clear that this is more than curiosity," The Economic Times quoted Assam Director General of Police Khagen Sarma on Tuesday.

"From Internet hits, we can say that Assam is on higher side like Jammu and Kashmir and Andhra Pradesh. Assam's CID and National Technical Research Organisation are monitoring the Internet," the DGP added.

A few days ago, a woman identified as Afsha Jabeen was arrested from Hyderabad for allegedly propagating Isis ideology on Facebook and facilitating fresh recruitment for the banned outfit. She reportedly confessed of being in contact with the Islamic terror outfit and is currently under police custody.

Earlier, intelligence reports suggested that Assam will come under terror attack from Isis during the Independence Day. Though the State government beefed up the security measures, no such attack took place.

Assam is the homeland of a number of local terror outfits, ULFA being a major one. The State had faced several terror attacks in the past and militancy has been a big problem in the north-eastern part of India.