Superstar Mahesh Babu has said yes to do a multi-starrer movie with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. He criticised reports that said he was planning to do a James Bond kind of movie with SS Rajamouli.

Mahesh Babu is now busy with publicity for his latest outing "Srimanthudu", which is set to hit screens on 7 August. As part of its promotion, the actor interacted with his Twitter followers from 6.00 pm on Saturday. The interaction made the hashtag #AskSrimanthudu trend on Twitter.

Before the interaction started, Mahesh Babu tweeted: "Hey guys.. Let's chat at @ 6 pm today on my handle #AskSrimanthudu⁠⁠⁠⁠Let's talk about Srimanthudu. 6 days for the release, hectic press meets and excitement in the air. #AskSrimanthudu"

He answered many questions, most of which were related to "Srimanthudu". He replied to some questions related to his family and colleagues from the industry. We bring you some important ones here.

Anu @Padmajaanu: When first time hearing the story of #Srimanthudu whats ur reaction???

Mahesh Babu: It was an Instant yes.

Siddartha @tsid9: which concept of srimanthudu u liked the most that made you to do it? #AskSrimanthudu

Mahesh Babu: Giving back to the society. That appealed to me most.

UrsTruly Prasad @UrsTrulyPrasad7: Is #Srimanthad Going To Give Us A Social Message?

Mahesh Babu: Yes there is a message but covered in a commercial way..

Mahi Manju @Mahi_Manju: Thing u love most about being harsha.

Mahesh Babu: Simplicity

Dinesh Reddy @dinu141_v: Mahesh.. Is there any scene in sreemanthudu which has challenged u as an actor. #AskSrimanthudu

Mahesh Babu: The pre climax scene

Koratala siva @sivakoratala: I watched you performing very intensely in some scenes. I wonder how it was to shift 'on and off' camera

Mahesh Babu: Wasn't as easy as i thought sir, I had to prepare for the scene in my own way.

Surya Prasad @venkatasurya123: What mahesh fans can expect from srimanthudu?

Mahesh Babu: A complete package.

HARSHA @rockstarGAUTAM1: who selected this title? It suits you a lot.

Mahesh Babu: Director Shiva Sir.

Kishore @rockingkishore: Your favourite dialogue in srimanthudu

Mahesh Babu: Ooru nunchi chaala teeskunnaru. Back icheyali. Lekapothe lavu ayipotaru :)

Mahesh Fan Forever @Bharath_7kumar: Your favourite song in #Srimanthudu?

Mahesh Babu: The Jaago Jaago song.

Sanjana @VIRATMyLuv: How's Your Experience Working With Shruthi?

Mahesh Babu: Amazing!

Alina @alinion66: What do you like about koratala siva garu??

Mahesh Babu: He carries a certain calmness to the sets and is always focussed which carries on to the actors

Alina @alinion66: How was it working with jagapathi babu?

Mahesh Babu: It was amazing working with him!

Vivek @Urtruefan: One word about madhie?

Mahesh Babu: Top Class DOP.

Aditya nani @adithyaprince11: How was the experience working with mytri movie makers :)

Mahesh Babu: Amazing.

Anirudh @anirudh78935486: one word about DSP

Mahesh Babu: Rock Star.

Shekhar chelli @shekharchelli: Whats the only thing which made u think "this is gonna improve me as an actor in this film"..

Mahesh Babu: the content of Srimanthudu

Princeguru @princevgr: Heard that, you are going to do a james bond kind of movie with Rajamouli sir. is it true?

Mahesh Babu: not true..

HARI PAWANISM @Harinani_: What about multistarer with @PawanKalyan

Mahesh Babu: Why Not.

SRIKAR @Urs_Srikar: One word about ur father???

Mahesh Babu: He is a Super Star and am proud that he's my father

Abhinav @wantabhi: What compliment did Krishna Garu give you after seeing the theoretical trailor of srimanthudu?

Mahesh Babu: He called me immediately and said it's outstanding! :)

Abhi Says @urstrulyCHAR: Can we expect a movie with 3 generations of ur family lyk #Manam-Krishna garu, u, Gautam&Sitara(Guest role)

Mahesh Babu: If a good script comes along, then why not.

Srimanthudu @urztrulyVenkat: you have a long time association your makeup man Pattabi. A few words about him & his role.

Mahesh Babu: I can't do without him, he is irreplaceable

Atresh Somayajula @Atresh4u: Do u think acting is inheritance or was it ur persnl intrst? If not actor what was Mahesh?

Mahesh Babu: Cant think of anything else. Always wanted to be an actor.

Tarun Goteti @TGoteti: Many of us are expecting to see u in bollywood movies wat is ur opinion

Mahesh Babu: Not at the moment... The right script has to come along.

Krishna Kanth @KK_gundapaneni: As fans we want at least 2 movies in a year. Can we expect it to be fulfilled for this year.

Mahesh Babu: Guys, I'm trying really hard.. hope it works out that way.

Neninthe @ikameshp: What is your policy in accepting any film?

Mahesh Babu: The content of the film.

Vivek @Urtruefan: Don't know who is your stylist for this film,please continue him for future movies:)

Mahesh Babu: Thank you. He is Akshay tyagi whose my personal stylist.

Varada Rajula Reddy @pandu_kdp: In your view , what is family?

Mahesh Babu: Srimanthudu redefines family

Alina @alinion66: What is gautams favorite song from srimanthudu?

Mahesh Babu: Charuseela

Nikhil Mahesh Devote @Nikhil_dhfm: want to hear about little Princess Sitara...???

Mahesh Babu: She just turned 3...She's a bundle of joy.

Vamsi.prince @Vamsiprince3: What's the best part of being a dad to 2 sweet cutie pies :)?

Mahesh Babu: You can't explain that feeling :)

At the end, Mahesh Babu posted his photo featuring him chatting with fans on his laptop and wrote: "Thank you, love you and signing off! This was fun. Too bad I couldn't get to all the questions.."