Khiladi 786
Asin plays a Maharashtrian girl in the movieFacebook official page

Actress Asin plays a spirited Maharashtrian girl in her latest outing "Khiladi 786" and had to learn Marathi. She credits her co-star Akshay Kumar for her fluency in Marathi.

"I had to learn Marathi but Akshay was a great help because he speaks Marathi very fluently and all my dialogues have a Hindi accent with a little Maharashtrian touch and this is the first time I am playing such a character, an out-and-out Maharashtrian girl called Indu Tendulkar", Asin said during the promotion of the movie.

The 27-year-old said it was fun and she went all out for the character and hoped that the movie would get a better response. She shares her experience excitedly: "Navvari saris are so beautiful and I had a great time selecting the prettiest ones. I also wanted to meet the sellers to pick up the finer nuances of the language and the traditional way of draping the navvari. I loved the entire experience", Hindustan Times quoted Asin as saying.

Asin's last two movies were great hits and if "Khiladi 786" gets a good response, then it would be Asin's hat-trick.

"Hopefully, keeping fingers crossed for a hat-trick. This year really has been very good for me with 'Housefull 2' and 'Bol Bachchan' doing really, really well. I hope 'Khiladi 786' follows and hopefully breaks the record of the last two ones and I am looking forward to that", IANS quoted the actress as saying.

Khiladi 786 is a comedy starring Akshay Kumar, Asin, Mithun Chakraborty, Paresh Rawal and Himesh Reshammiya. It is directed by Ashish R. Mohan and produced by Twinkle Khanna, incidentally Himesh is one of the producers. The movie marks Akshay kumar's comeback to the Khiladi series after 12 years, the last one being "Khiladi 420". The movie is all set to hit theatres on December 7.