Asiana Airlines
An aerial view shows an Asiana Airlines airplane which ran out of runway after landing at Hiroshima airport in Mihara, Hiroshima prefecture, western Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo April 15, 2015.Reuters

An Asiana Airlines plane skidded off the runway at Japan's Hiroshima Airport on Tuesday after it crashed into a communication antenna while landing, injuring 27 people. 

Footage of the accident was released on Wednesday, showing the Airbus A320 carrying 74 passengers and seven crew members flying from Seoul make a hard landing, skidding of the runway and even rotating about 90 degrees before coming to a stop. 

The aerial footage showed the 18-feet high localiser, which helps aircrafts in identifying the landing strip, splintered, with one of its parts even dangling from the plane's wing, according to AFP. 

The incident reeks of chilling similarity to the Asiana Airlines flight that crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport in 2013, after the plane's tail hit a seawall.

The 2013 accident had killed three people. 

The South Korean carrier apologised for Tuesday's accident and is investigating if its plane was flying lower than normal while approaching the runway.

Passengers revealed the panic onboard at the time of the accident. 

"There was smoke coming out and some of the oxygen masks fell down. Cabin attendants were in such a panic and I thought 'we are going to die'," a passenger told Japanese media.