Mumbai's well-known Asian Heart Institute (AHI), Bandra, has been named the "safest cardiac hospital in the world" with lowest mortality, by the Joint Commission International (JCI), an international healthcare organization.

At least 15 hospitals across eight countries in Asia, Europe and America participated in the JCI's survey of International Cardiac Benchmarking (ICSB), which analyzed the data of more than 6000 cardiac surgeries from Oct 2009 till March 2011.

After a detailed three year study, AHI has been ranked number one in terms of "lowest complication rates" and the "highest survival rates," according to the statement.

"This is an honor for us. We have consistently ranked lower on mortality rate than the United States' Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) average of 2.7. Our mortality rate, including non-cardiac deaths has been 0.4 percent for the last 9 years," AHI's vice chairman and managing director Ramakant Panda said, acknowledging the certification.

"At 1500 surgeries per year, we have operated on patients from 38 countries last year. The whole team at Asian heart is proud of this achievement and we will work harder towards the same," Dr. Panda said.

The certification was based on the following parameters- data capture on a daily basis on the surgeries conducted and reported; secondly, the quality of care provided to the patients, and thirdly, the verification visit cooperation to Principals.

According to the detailed analysis of the 15 heart hospitals, AHI performed the most number of bypass surgeries (CABGs), even on the patients older than the age of 65-years.

In addition, the percentage of valve surgeries on females, redo bypass surgeries and aortic valve replacements performed at AHI are higher than the benchmark set by ICSB.

Moreover, the complication rates and the number of patients requiring blood transfusion was much lesser, hence the mortality rates at AHI were much lower than the benchmarks.