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Last week, television actress Tinaa Dattaa accused her Daayan co-star Mohit Malhotra of sexual misconduct. In her statement, the actress said that Mohit would take advantage of intimate scenes and tried to get away by saying that the role demanded it. However, the actress later withdrew her allegation saying that she and Mohit have ironed out their differences and that she has no issue working with him.

This sudden change of statements made Ashok Pandit, Chief Advisor of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), slam Tinaa for trivializing the #MeToo movement. Speaking to IANS, he said: "What does she mean by ironed out differences? Is this a shirt that you can iron? These were serious allegations of sexual misconduct. How can she just throw them around and withdraw them whenever she wants? Is this a joke?"

He further said, "I'd say they are doing the movement a great disservice and should be punished for using the platform to settle personal scores. At least, that is what it seems like. You're working with a co-star for years and suddenly you have intimacy issues. His behaviour suddenly bothers you. And we as a film federation and as male members of the entertainment industry are deeply concerned."

He concluded by saying: "But when a few days later you withdraw your grave allegations, you belittle our efforts to bring justice to women who have been really wronged. Madame, this is not a joke. Neither is it a platform where you can come and go at your will."

For the uninitiated, while going public accusing Mohit of sexual misconduct Tinaa had said: "I have done rape scenes, romantic scenes and intimate scenes before in my career, but never faced something like this with anyone before. He (Mohit Malhotra) is so annoying. He is so frustrated. Nobody gives excuses like him that woh scene mein bahek gaya tha. He can't say he got carried away. He was obviously doing it deliberately. It is so clear if a girl is uncomfortable, you can understand from her body language."

Tinaa dattaa, Mohit Malhotra
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