Ashna Dhanuka
Ashna Dhanuka

In this fast-paced world where keeping up with life gets difficult, everyone can use a little extra support and motivation. This very crux has led to the rise of a myriad of motivational speakers but the one that has beautifully bloomed is Ashna Dhanuka. A familiar name, isn't it? Well, that's because she is the go-to mentor and life coach who has been painting the town golden with her Midas touch. Born on 16th June 1989, she is known for her connection with the audience as she disarms them while making them emotionally vulnerable through her speaking skills.

Good people come from good places, and that stands true in her case.

Born in an Indian Marwari family, based in the city of Kalimpong, she spent her early days in the city and later left for Delhi. An alumni of St. Joseph Connect, VDJS Hissar and Kamla Nehru University; she performed through every pressure that was required to turn the charcoal into a diamond.

After getting married to her long-time boyfriend Yashwardhan Dhanuka, she shifted to his hometown in Guwahati, Assam. This transition could do nothing to stop where destiny was driving her. She then set up her Home Décor and Wedding Solution Studio there. But after the birth of her daughter, life had other plans. Little was she aware that when she decided to call quits on the studio, it was actually life's way of showing her where she belonged

The Jay Shetty Certification School. That's where she rose to the title of a 'success coach', a 'life mentor'. After that, there's never been looking back.

After hosting several seminars, workshops and events in the corporate, educational and entertainment industries, she has proved time again, even though her association with the Members of Parliament that she aims at inculcating a positive lifestyle and mental well-being. She makes it look like magic by the inception of self-worth in people. She also writes articles and gives speeches to culminate the same.

Being featured in publications alongside winning several accolades like DadaSaheb Phalke Award, are a few of her achievements to quote. Whether working for the Indian Oil Corporation, being a motivational mentor for Femina India or hosting a celebrity chat show "Zindagi Reloaded"; she has done it all. She has proved that good people may come from good places but it is the goodness in people that make places great.