"Ash vs. Evil Dead" is not coming to the small screen until Halloween. However, with a new episode guide, we have an idea of what to expect for most of season one.

The series will be centred on Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), who is the protagonist in the original Evil Dead franchise. According to the episode guide, Ash will play a key role in causing the return of Deadite plague that would eventually lead to the story of "Ash vs. Evil Dead".

The first ten episodes are set to air on Halloween night this year. Here is what to expect from the first 9 episodes of the series. The plot of 10th one is yet to be announced. The below-mentioned synopsis may contain spoilers, hence proceed with your own risk.

Episode 101 – El Jefe

After 30 years of his last Deadite fight, the legendary Deadite killer Ash Williams is back, only to unleash a Deadite plague again with an incomprehensible act of stupidity.

Episode 102 – Bait

Special Agent fisher is on a hot trail to find Ash. In a crazy battle, Pablo gets his first taste of blood. An unexpected revelation changes Kelly's life forever.

Episode 103 – Books from Beyond

A mysterious woman finds out the farm of Kelly's parents which is destroyed. In the meantime, Ash, Pablo and Kelly reach the books from Beyond with the Necronomicon where Fisher finds herself in an inexplicable and terrifying situation again.

Episode 104 – Brujo

Fisher is helped by Ruby who reveals her family's ties with the Evil Dead. Following the trail of a clue from the demon Eligos, Ash and team proceed, but Kelly pays a price.

Episode 105 – The Host

Kelly's current state puts everyone at risk that forces Pablo to make a valiant move. Ash reveals a new side to his character while Ruby and Fisher join forces to find out Ash.

Episode 106 – The Killer of Killers

Ash, with his drug-induced vision, is able to know what to do with the Necronomicon. Something ominous is noticed by Pablo and Kelly. While Ash promises to visit Lem, Fisher shows up to confront her former boss.

 Episode 107 – Fire in the Hole

Joined by Fisher, Ash, Pablo and Kelly arrive at the survivalist and amid all the chaos, must go to extreme measures to escape. In the meantime, more is revealed of Ruby's mission.

Episode 108 – Ashes to Ashes

Ash desperately tries to bury the book in an attempt to end the Evil. Fisher noticed a terrible change in Ash.

Episode 109 – Bound in the Flesh

Ash gets to battle someone familiar. Afterwards, he hears a message from the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, the most deadly Deadite attacks.

Apart from Ash once again responsible for bringing the Deadites on Earth, we know from the episodes' synopsis that the supporting cast will play a significant role. Also, someone from Ash's past is going to make an appearance, maybe his deceased girlfriend Linda. There are speculations that his evil doppelganger from "Army of Darkness" may also make a cameo.

"Ash vs. Evil Dead" is set to premiere on 31 October on Starz.