The finale episode, titled "The Dark One", of "Ash vs Evil Dead" season 1 ended on an unexpected note undoubtedly leaving the fans curious and eager to find more about the fate of Ash and his friends in Season 2.

According to Korea Portal, the managing director of the series, Carmi Zlotnik, said that one season is not enough to satisfy the fans who had been waiting for the series for the last two decades to get more of Ash. He stated that hence, there will definitely be a second season.

In the season finale episode, after desperately trying to suppress his alter ego Evil Ash, Ash accepted his defeat and Evil Ash possessed him completely.

Lately, it had become a constant struggle for Ash to fight the Deadites and at the same time stop Evil Ash from possessing him.

Even though Pablo and Kelly were doing their best to assist Ash with his mission, quite often Ash found it hard to bear the pain of his past and recover from it.

Comic Book has mentioned that it was a scary experience to see Amanda-Deadite attacking Ash using a sharp chainsaw in Season 1 finale. Somehow Ash managed to win over Amanda and also managed to snatch the chainsaw from her and used it to cut her belly.

Ruby and Pablo were not present when the horrific event occurred as Ruby was busy tackling with Kelly and Pablo was under the spell of the book.

It was hinted in "The Dark One" that an ancient evil might be lurking in the woods and is ready to attack Ash as the cellar door was left open by an unknown stranger.

Craig DiGregorio, executive producer of the show, said that in season 2, Ash's personality will be emphasised as he has undergone a lot both mentally and physically. All the changes are definitely going to leave some permanent mark on him.

Whether season 2 will be as interesting as season 1, will be known only when it airs later this year.