It seems that Ruby (Lucy Lawless) is back from the dead and is more determined to take her revenge against Ash (Bruce Campbell) in the next season of "Ash vs Evil Dead." In the Season 1 finale, Ash had killed her with a Kandarian dagger, but somehow Ruby escaped the dead.

Though not much has been revealed of Ruby's fate, the Facebook page of "Ash vs Evil Dead" hints that Ruby might return and continue to haunt Ash till she gets her revenge.

In the Season 1 finale titled "The Dark One," Ash was attacked by Amanda (Jill Marie Jones), but he managed to defeat her. However, he noticed that Ruby and Pablo (Ray Santiago) had disappeared into the cellar.

Afterwards, Ash went down to find them, but the evil force pounded the cabin and Ash fell down the steps. He suddenly found himself back in his trailer with the book of Necronomicon.

Ruby appeared and told him that he was destined to stand against her. Much to Ash's shock, she offered him what he desired the most – a peaceful retirement in Jacksonville.

Refusing the offer, Ash found himself back in the cellar and under attack by a demonic child that a possessed Pablo had created. Eventually, Ash had a final showdown with Ruby where she promised that if she releases the evil, she can keep it under her control.

She also promised to let Ash and his friends live in peace if Ash accepts her deal. However, Ash refused it and ran away with Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo in tow, while the radio reported sinkholes opening up around the world.

IB Times had previously reported that Lee Majors will be introduced as Ash's father in Season 2 who will teach him crucial lessons that might help Ash to hunt the Deadites more efficiently.

Majors will be joined by other cast members in "Ash vs Evil Dead" Season 2, including Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago, who will reprise their respective roles of Kelly and Pablo from Season 1.

As reported by Bustle, Craig DiGregorio, executive producer of "Ash vs Evil Dead," has said that they are in the midst of writing the second season of the show, which should be filmed in the first and second quarters of 2016.

"Then Starz will air it sometime later next year," he said.