The epic horror-comedy series "Ash vs Evil Dead" is all set to return for a second season. Season 1 of the series, based on "Evil Dead" franchise, has garnered critical acclaim both from the fans and critics.

Season 1 saw the return of iconic character Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), who is living an isolated life 30 years after the events that occurred in "Army of Darkness."

Ash accidentally reads the Book of the Dead again and releases the Kandarian Demon one more time. Now, it is his responsibility to find a cure for the Deadite plague and put an end to it. During his journey, he is accompanied by his co-worker Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).

The fans of the series are eagerly waiting for Season 2. As reported by Movie Pilot, here are five things that fans of "Evil Dead" franchise are looking forward to see in the next season:

Time Travelling

One of the significant plots in "Army of Darkness" was Ash travelling back to the Middle Ages, where he got his famous chainsaw hand. Though Season 1 of "Ash vs Evil Dead" didn't deal with time travelling of any sort, one such adventure in the next season will definitely make the fans nostalgic.

Embeth Davidtz

Ash had a short fling with Sheila, portrayed by Davidtz, while he was desperately looking for a way to return from Middle Age. Though their romance didn't last long as eventually, Ash came back to the present day, it will be nice to see Davidtz at least in a cameo in Season 2.

Ted Riami

Ted Riami is the brother of Sam Riami, the franchise's creator and producer of "Ash vs Evil Dead." He had a cameo in all three original movies of the trilogy. Hence, his presence in one of the upcoming episodes will surely add to the charm.

Pablo with superpowers

It was revealed in Season 1 of "Ash vs Evil Dead" that Pablo's uncle, who was a Shaman, left him a mysterious amulet and told Pablo that only he could use its true power.

Since the Deadites are after the amulet for reasons unknown, it might have some extraordinary powers and it would be interesting to see Pablo possessing them in next season.

Magical Mirror

Another gem from "Army of Darkness," the magical mirror was the medium in movie from which Evil Ash first emerged and tried to strangle Ash. In one of the episodes of Season 1, Amanda (Jill Marie Jones) suspected that she saw something in the cabin's mirror.

However, when she looked carefully, there was nothing behind her. It will be a great addition if the showrunners decide to add the mirror in Season 2.