Starz's revival of the iconic comedy-horror franchise "Evil Dead," titled "Ash vs Evil Dead" Season 1, was undoubtedly an unexpected surprise for the fans of the series. As stated by recent reports, it seems that the series will explore a lot more of Ash and his further adventures in the upcoming second season.

According to Blastr, the next season will be "far bigger and more ambitious" than Season 1 and will consist of a significantly larger cast and a broader storyline. One of the prominent elements in the first season was pacing, as each of the episodes had duration of approx. 30 minutes. However, the episodes in second season might be of longer duration as there will be more elements included in them.

Talking to IGN, Bruce Campbell said that more of Ash's origins and past, which was hinted briefly in the movies, will be explored in the next season. He said that Season 1 was just like a trailer, and the full story will be revealed in the second season.

"Season 2 for me is all about Ash going home and seeing the personal side of him. No one knew anything about Ash, where he lived, what he was like. Ash was like a teacher: you'd see him at school, but if you saw him out of school you'd feel weird. Whenever I saw a teacher out of school, I felt was weird; I never liked it. But now we're going home. We're following the teacher home from school."

Lucy Lawless, who plays the role of Ruby Knowby in the series, said that fans will get to see more of her in the upcoming season and she will be have more to do than Season 1.

Bruce Campbell will reprise the role of the protagonist, Ash Williams, in "Ash vs Evil Dead" Season 2 along with Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, who will also returning back to play their respective characters of Pablo and Kelly.

The premiere date of "Ash vs Evil Dead" Season 2 is yet to be announced by the network.