In the season finale episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead", titled "The Dark One", it seems after desperately trying to suppress his alter ego Evil Ash, Ash will accept his defeat and Evil Ash will possess him completely.

Lately, it has become a constant struggle for Ash to fight the Deadites and at the same time stop Evil Ash from possessing him.

Even though Pablo and Kelly are doing their best to assist Ash with his mission, quite often Ash finds it unable to bear the pain of his past and recover from it.

In the previous episode, titled "Bound in the Flesh", Ruby met Pablo and Kelly, and saved Pablo from the newest Deadite. Meanwhile, Ash prepared to destroy the Necronomicon once and for all, but learned that his plan might not work.

Evil Ash tried to possess Ash but he resisted. However, soon Hero Ash realised controlling Evil Ash was getting more difficult with every passing moment.

Eventually, Evil Ash managed to materialise and the two of them had an epic battle that fans had been waiting a long time to witness.

This was the first time they clashed since the movie "Army of Darkness", where Evil Ash first appeared. However, the battle in the episode was much more intense and gory than in the film.

Even Kelly and Pablo were unable to identify the real Ash as both versions were absolutely similar, with matching outfits. This made things more complicated.

Just when the Evil Ash was about to overpower Hero Ash, Amanda Fisher came out of nowhere and knocked the air out of him. Though the scene was unexpected, it was dramatic.

However, the episode didn't elaborate on whether Evil Ash was gone, and given his grudge against Hero Ash, he might rise once again and strike Hero Ash down one last time.

The next episode will deal with the interaction between Ash and Amanda as she had been on his trail for long, and now that she has finally found him, she will not let him go without getting answers to her questions.