The all new "Ash vs. Evil Dead" series is all set to debut on Starz on Halloween night (31 October). The series will see Bruce Campbell reprising the iconic role of Ash Williams from the "Evil Dead" movies.

The show will be supervised by the director and producer of the original trilogy, Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert, respectively. Besides Campbell, Lucy Lawless has been confirmed to play Ruby in the horror comedy show.

In the original "The Evil Dead" movie, Ash was the only survivor who escaped the curse of Book of the Dead. In the TV series, the evil spirited "Deadites" will be back when an unknown portal transports them to Earth from the kingdom of dead.

However, Ash is no more the handsome, physically fit person with a warrior instinct. As shown in the first 4-minute preview of the pilot episode, he is a cheesier, portly man who seems to be a womanizer and lives a solitary life enjoying it to the fullest.

In the preview, Ash is seen getting ready for spending a night in the town as he hilariously dresses up to go out by sucking up his abdomen with a tightly fitted girdle.

He further applies an aftershave and picks up a pair of condoms as he drives to a cheap-looking bar while singing along a racy track. Before leaving, he fixes a wooden hand on his stump that was dismembered in "The Evil Dead" movie.

When he enters the bar, an ammo depot is seen behind that may mean something in the upcoming episode.

In the bar, Ash spots a woman who doesn't seem to be interested in him initially. However, when Ash tells her a fake story about how his hand was cut while saving an 8-year-old boy from coming under railway tracks, the woman seems to get interested and listens to the story attentively.

Afterwards, both move into the women's bathroom where they indulge in sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, soon Ash discovers that the woman is actually a Deadite as she turns into the evil spirit and says, "We are coming for you."

Form the look of it, the show is undoubtedly going to bring back the cult elements of the horror comedy genre for which "Evil Dead" series is known for. However, whether it will do justice to the franchise or not can be found only after the first few episodes.