It seems some long-pending questions are going to be finally answered in the upcoming episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead", titled "The Killer of Killers."

So far, each episode of Season 1 has been intriguing and keeping the interest of the audience intact, with new twists and turns in every episode.

However, the new episode is going to get gorier and more shocking as a significant discovery will be made.

According to Spoilers Guide, the killer of killers will visit Ash's world soon. Those who have watched the "Evil Dead" film series know the killer of killers is always there in one form or another and has appeared in almost all the movies in the series.

However, if this new version of the killer of killers turns out to be a human being, Ruby will make her first on-screen appearance with Ash, most probably, and they will confront each other, for which fans have been waiting for a long time.

It was revealed in the previous episodes that Ruby possesses Ash's disembodied hand that he lost in the first sequel in the film series, and the reanimated version of his body is still alive.

In fact, the disembodied hand is desperately trying to reunite with its original owner and Ruby has been using it as a compass to find Ash — disgusting, but brilliant plan.

The synopsis also teases that the episode will feature Ash experiencing a new awakening that will change everything he knows till this point. However, the highlight of the episode will be Pablo and Kelly making a new discovery that will leave them numb.

In the previous episode titled "The Host", Ash and Pablo discovered Kelly was possessed by the demon they summoned back at the bookstore. With the help of Pablo's uncle, they tried to exorcise the demon before it was too late. Meanwhile, Ruby and Fisher were hot on Ash's trail.

"The Killer of Killers" will air on Starz on 5 December, Saturday.