In the latest episode of "Ash vs Evil Dead", titled "Brujo", it seems that while continuing on his journey, Ash will find an ally in someone whom he least expected it to be one.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, an unlikely alliance develops as Ash and the team uncover a new clue, but Kelly pays a price.

As mentioned by Spoilers Guide, Ash, Kelly and Pablo will be forced to form an unusual alliance to get their task on track. This can even mean Amanda and Lucy Lawless will soon join Ash's team.

Ash will find a new clue to help him track the book of Necronomicon. However, he will have to pay a price for this new clue, and Kelly will be the only one to pay it. Though it will not be a life-threatening situation for her, it will affect her significantly.

Amanda has already proved she can fight the Deadites on her own, and doesn't need Ash's help. However, she may join him in his journey soon just to prove how worthy she is.

In the previous episode, titled "Books from Beyond", a mysterious woman stumbled upon the devastation at Kelly's parents' farm, while Ash, Pablo and Kelly continued to search for the Necronomicon; and Fisher faced a terrifying, inexplicable scenario.

The lives of Ash, Pablo and Kelly had been affected by the Deadite plague as all of them had lost their dear ones to it.

In the upcoming episode, Ash and the team have to take extreme caution as their mission is far more dangerous and riskier than they had initially expected. There is constant threat to their lives, and worse, they are under the risk of turning into Deadites.