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mim owaisi isis legal aid defence terrorism terror bangladesh fundamentalism communalism bjp modiIANS

Asaduddin Owaisi, chief of Hyderabad-based political party All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), feels that using online tools to enhance knowledge about religion ends up creating fanatics. He was apparently referring to the attacks on civilians in Bangladesh and on a mosque in Saudi Arabia.

The Lok Sabha member's comment on Tuesday comes a day after defending his decision to provide legal assistance to five Hyderabadi youths arrested for allegedly being part of Isis terror module.

In a tweet, he said that resorting to Google to learn "deen" (religion) is a bad idea, rather people should take the traditional route to learn the tenets of Islam. 

On Monday, he had argued that access to legal aid being a fundamental right under the Indian judicial system, how can people criticise his decision to give legal counsel to the five city youths.

"If we as a nation can provide lawyer to a Pakistani dreaded terrorist (Ajmal Kasab), why not these Indian citizens who have been definitely charged, but it's now for NIA to prove beyond reasonable doubt their involvement. I don't know why they (his critics) are so much in pain when I am talking about fundamental rights," PTI quoted him as saying. 

A day later, he tweeted on how "Google-based learning" was a dangerous idea.

He then retweeted a post that condemned attackers of a mosque in Saudi Arabia.

The five Hyderabadi men were arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) last Wednesday after raids conducted at 10 places in Hyderabad. The raids were based on a tip-off; the NIA detained 11 people but let six of them off.

The five arrested were identified as Mohammad Illiyas Yazdani, Mohammad Ibrahim, Habib Mohd, Mohammad Irfan and Abdullah Bin Ahmad; Rs, 15 lakh cash, weapons and highly explosive devices were also recovered from the suspects, ANI had reported on June 29. 

His decision to provide legal help to the five men prompted a Telangana BJP leader to accuse him of providing "oxygen" to terrorists. T Raja Singh also sought his arrest and de-recognition of the AIMIM, according to a report in The Tribune.