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After the whole episode where a man attacked Arvind Kejriwal with a bottle of ink during an Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) conference, a CD from December 2012 has emerged that shows founder of the India Against Corruption movement Anna Hazare questioning the funds collected by AAP.

Just two weeks from Delhi assembly polls a CD, labeled as 'guru-shishya fight' by the rival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has been doing the rounds adding a new twist in the Kejriwal- Anna Hazare tale.

The 76-year-old Anna is shown, in the CD, telling his associates that he fears the AAP is misusing names of people and funds collected 'in my name' during the anti-corruption campaign.

"I am very very sad on this CD being leaked. We are ready for any probe, i will not fight elections if guilty. BJP and Congress are trying to create differences between us and Anna ji," Kejriwal told ANI.

He added that the two rival parties will be training their guns for AAP leaders Manish Sisodia and Prashant Bhushan 'in a few days'.

"We have challenged Robert Vadra (son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi), Nitin Gadkari (BJP leader), Mukesh Ambani, Salman Khurshid (Congress leader and Minister of External affairs), naturally they won't sit quietly. They are targeting us," he said.

On Monday, Anna had cleared that AAP chief ministerial candidate and he were 'not enemies' when his letter addressed to Kejriwal had exposed the strained relationship between the two men. Anna had asked the AAP leader, whose party will make a debut in the Delhi elections on 4 December, to explain whether the funds raised together in 2011 during the anti-graft movement were used for his Delhi campaign.

"I had a doubt therefore I wrote to him seeking a clarification," Hazare had told PTI. To which Kejriwal reacted saying, "If I had direct communication with Anna, it would not have come to this."

The AAP has said that the 11-month old CD was made available in the public as a conspiracy by both the BJP and Congress. "The BJP and Congress are frustrated about the growing popularity of AAP. They should merge to defeat AAP," Kumar Vishwas, senior party leader, told ANI.

"In the end the BJP and Congress have joined hands, soon they should announce a common candidate," he added.

In a previous interview with the channel, Kejriwal had also accused his political rivals of sending pre-recorded calls in October. The anonymous telephonic message asked voters to be wary of Kejriwal. "A man who betrayed Anna Hazare is capable of betraying anybody and everybody," the message said.

Latest Reactions

Maish Tewari, Congress leader: "It is a fight between a Guru and his follower. I would only say that if the Guru was a lion, his follower is two steps ahead."

Sunita Godara, activist and former marathon runner: "I don't think Anna has said anything objectionable in the CD. He was just showing his concern," she told ANI.

Digvijaya Singh, Congress general secretary: "CD released of Anna's allegation against Kejriwal of misappropriation of funds collected at Ramlila Maidan again proves my allegation! Would Kejriwal and his friends on Social Media pl react ?"

Kiran Bedi, social activist and former IPS officer: "Out of emotional connect and personal respect for IAC movement,its a question of ethics for me not to comment on the ongoing issues!Hence.." she tweeted.

Shakeel Ahmad, Congress leader: "Why some TV channels r giving too much importance to differences between Anna&Kejriwal?Just to divert attention from the sins of Ishaqzade?" he tweeted.

Vijay Goel, BJP leader: "Anna Hazare too questions the use of his name for political campaign of AAP. AAP cannot befool the people, by merely resorting to rhetoric."

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