Aruvi movie review.PR Handout

Producer SR Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures has come out with a series of successful projects in a span of two years. The list includes Nayanthara's Maya, Raju Murugan's Joker and more recently Karthi's Theeran Adhigaram Ondru. Now, the production house is back with Aruvi, directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman.

The film has newcomer Aditi Balan in the lead. It has Bindu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj's music, Shelley Calist's cinematography and Raymond Derrick Crasta's editing. 

Aruvi tells about the social anguish of a girl played by Aditi Balan. It is a movie that touches the audience with all forms of emotions. At one moment you will be laughing and at other you will into tears. Likewise you will feel the loneliness of the character at certain point and the viewers will simultaneously experience the anger.

It is a film the fall in the categories of heart-wrenching as well as heart-warming drama. It narrates the story of the the girl, who keeps a TV studio under siege.

Going by the early response on Twitter, debutant Aditi Balan has stunned the critics and viewers with her solid performance. The brilliant writing by the director himself takes the larger pie in success of the film. The music and cinematography departments have enhanced the overall quality of the flick.

"Aruvi is a superbly written drama centred around a unique character that unfolds as a thriller, a black comedy, an awareness movie, and a tragedy. The film is so effortlessly crowd-pleasing — and also tremendously moving. This is, by far, the most unconventional among the recent new-age films, with a bravura lead performance by Aditi Balan," writes the reviewer from The Times of India.

The critic from the Indian Express have also lavishly praised the movie. "This year truly belongs to the debutant directors and Arun Prabhu Purushothaman finishes the list in style. His writing is gold. Even when the film slightly takes a preachy tone, the authenticity in his words keeps you hooked. He makes his protagonist find solace with three people who ruined her life and yet, you don't blink an eye. Forget Balachander's complicated relationships, this one takes the cake. Yet, you don't question her choices. That's the success of Arun's writing," the reviewer writes.

Here, we bring to you the tweets made by those, who have already seen the flick:

Suganth @msuganth

We often tend to overlook the producer's role in a film, but #Aruvi shows how invaluable they are. The film wouldn't have been made without a producer believing in it. #Maanagaram, #Theeran & now this - all in the same year! To me, @prabhu_sr is the Kollywood Person of the Year.

Kaushik LM‏ @LMKMovieManiac

#Aruvi - 4.25/5.. MUST WATCH!
#Aruvi - 4.25 /5..Let's give a warm welcome to debut director @thambiprabu89. The man will shock you, offer lot of satirical fun entertainment & tug at your heartstrings. @DreamWarriorpic deserves to be applauded for supporting this brave & bold filmmaker without any compromises!
Yet another gem from @DreamWarriorpic. A film which hits you real hard, educates & entertains. Will rule all Best Films of the Year lists & also have an important place in Tamil cinema history. Heroine @AditiBalan ku HATSOFF

Ashameera Aiyappan‏ @aashameera

#Aruvi is a rollercoaster that took me through so much, that it's tough to find one thing to applaud. Thank you for this movie @thambiprabu89 and @prabhu_sr.

Rajasekar @sekartweets

#Aruvi - What I really loved about @thambiprabu89 's filmmaking style is he exactly knows where to whip, where to tickle, where to tug your heart and where to make you smile. At the end, you would leave the movie hall with a great satisfaction . Exemplary work

Arivazhagan @dirarivazhagan

#Aruvi - @thambiprabu89 succeeds with more sarcastic fun elements in an emotional bold story that makes it universally enjoyable. @AditiBalan steals with layers & all characters too well written Applauds 2 @prabhu_sr sir for his parallel view of Cinema #RollingSir

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

#Aruvi [4/5]: An ordinary girl's extraordinary journey.. A very hard-hitting movie.. Touches a subject which our society normally ignores.. Heroine @AditiBalan is fab.. Dir @thambiprabu89 is a great find.. World-class cinema in Tamil..

Surendhar MK @SurendharMK

#Aruvi: Heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time. Sweetly unconventional, poignant & hard-hitting. @thambiprabu89's school of thought & avant-garde storytelling shatter mainstream cliches effortlessly. I sincerely hope he gets to direct his 2nd film sooner than later.

Bharathnt‏ @bharath1

Show your support to an excellent movie like #Aruvi. Please do watch it in theatres this weekend. Such films with no big names but solid content deserve good opening. @prabhu_sr

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth

#Chennai2Singapore - For youth to have fun and a hearty laugh . #Aruvi - For everyone to enjoy, feel and refresh humanity in them . #Maayavan - Thriller that can be enjoyed with any group you want. Three solid movies this weekend !!

Vasanth Ravi‏ @iamvasanthravi

Congratulations @thambiprabu89, @prabhu_sr, @AditiBalan and to the whole team of #Aruvi, am sure this will be a Super Hit Movie,purely for the amount of honesty and hardwork that was put into making such a bewitching movie,do support Aruvi and watch it in the theatres